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Dog Training and Behavior Modification


“When I brag about my dog trainer to people, I call her the dog whisperer She has helped our family handle some difficult dog situations in one short visit. There is always harmony in our home after she leaves. Recently, she helped us in a new role. She helped us find a new playmate for our dog, Max, who was mourning the loss of our beloved Ben. She went on multiple visits with us to find the perfect match for our 110 lb big boy. Thanks to all of her hard work and dedication, we now have a wonderful 6 month old puppy from a lab rescue. She even came to our home to introduce them and the harmony in our home continues. Thank you Aleksa! You’re are the best!”
Julie Dwyer


“Aleksa came to my home and met with my two rescued yorkies. The boys had several behavior issues after being rescued when they were 8 months old. They’re now six and I was worried perhaps it was too late to correct their bad habits but it wasn’t. Aleksa was very patient during our 3 hour visit yet she got her point across to them that she meant business. The in home visit included training me to reinforce the good behaviors she introduced. They actually seem to like the new structure since they now know what’s expected of them. They’re very happy to please! I just wish I had called on her 5 years ago! Thanks Aleksa, from all 3 of us!”
Gail, Bartlett, IL


“Without your puppy training program, I am certain one of the most beloved members of our family would not be living with us any longer. When we found your program, we were at our wits end with unsuccessful training. We’ve had several dogs in the past and haven’t had any issues, but Bella was very stubborn. After a stay in your program, she came home a well trained puppy! She has had no accidents as long as we follow the instructions you gave us. I would recommend your services to anyone with a puppy! It’s SO worth it! Thanks for all your hard work!”
Dan and Debbie Policicchio & Bella


“Aleksa has made a huge improvement in our household! When my sweet 2 year old Labrador. Tucker, suddenly started becoming aggressive I reached out to Aleksa to get things under control. Tucker suddenly wanted to duke it out with every boxer, bulldog and pug on my street. Right away she identified the way I was interacting with my dog and why he was reacting aggressively with certain breeds. She shared with me better leash techniques and control over his space which ultimately dramatically improved the situation. In two short visits over a couple of weeks, my interaction with my dog has taken a new light and we are both happier in the hood! Thanks.”
Bev and Tucker

“My dog Tori always had separation anxiety since her pup years, but after I moved into my first apartment with her, her condition seemed to become exacerbated. Whenever I left the apartment she would become destructive and chew on door frames or rip up carpeting. I was stumped. She was pretty well-trained but the bad behavior occurred when I wasn’t home, so it was something I didn’t know how to correct. I tried crate training and unfortunately, even Prozac. Even with Prozac, I only noticed a minut difference, but after some point she ended up chewing through the crate wiring and hurting herself. At that point, I was willing to try anything, so my vet referred me to Aleksa for behavior modification. In a little under a two hour session, I had gained so much knowledge and better understanding of Tori’s behavior. There is never a quick fix for anything, but within two weeks, I wasn’t worried about leaving her alone and outside of her crate anymore. Aleksa really helped train me and helped me to better understand what my dog needed and how to give it to her. Tori still has her moments of anxiety, but she is no longer destructive. The tips and tools that Aleksa has given me I apply every day and it has made such a positive impact on Tori and I-Thank you Aleksa!”
Elizabeth and Tori

“We are very happy to have found Aleksa! Thanks to her dog training expertise, our tenacious bulldog-mix Lola has become a well-mannered dog. Working with Aleksa has been the best investment for us and our beloved Lola.”
John and Lety

“As first time dog owners, we were very nervous about how to take care of our new puppy. Aleksa immediately put us at ease with appropriate advice, simple rules that the puppy could follow, and tips for continued success. The private training also started Snickers on the right path so he came to us understanding potty training as well as many simple commands. We would definitely recommend What a Dog! to any new dog owner.”
Alan & Snickers

“After adopting a 3 month old puppy, Hershy, we realized our family needed help training him. Aleksa came to our house to train Hershy and our entire family – 3 kids ages 11, 9 and 5 – for over 2 hours. Aleksa’s training session was incredible! Aleksa conveyed a huge amount of information in a fun way and we all learned how to handle Hershy effectively and with kindness. Within a few days of using her methods, Hershy was behaving and responding to our wishes. Since we have never owned a dog before, Aleksa has become an indispensable resource to us. She has provided feedback and encouragement over the last 10 months and Hershy is a loving, friendly, obedient dog because of her guidance. I recommend Aleksa to everyone I talk to about dogs – she is talented, uniquely smart, and a kind, knowledgeable dog expert.”
Susan Gould

“When my husband and I picked up our 11 week old Pomeranian Alvin from Aleksa’s “boarding school”, we were surprised at the change in him. Poms are known to be moody, yappy, suspicious, manipulative, nipping strong-willed dogs. Well, we can tell you Alvin is none of those things! He gets along well with other dogs, as a matter of fact he LOVES all dogs and is great with small children. He rarely barks without purpose, he is a very social little guy. We get compliments all the time how well behaved and cute he is. Alexa and her assistants Ranger and Oscar have done a great job in helping Alvin become the well rounded happy dog he is today. Aleksa also did a great job in teaching Nick and I how to be consistent in Alvin’s “at home” training. But the best part is the potty training. Aleksa’s expertise in this area is outstanding. It is a relief not having to take Alvin out to potty in the cold winter, as he is a hefty 8 and a half pounds and gets cold very easily, not to mention so do I! I know when he runs down the hall and turns into the bathroom it is to go potty and not to rummage through the garbage! Thanks Aleksa, you are the best!”
Love, Nick, Leanne And Alvin

“We are very satisfied with the effective, knowledgeable, professional and grounded approach our dog received during her training period. The one on one attention seemed invaluable as our dog quickly re-adapted to our home and responded well to her newly learned commands with no issues once she completed her training camp. We know she is in good hand each time she visits for an extended stay.”
Pravin Gandhi and Diesel

“Max rings the potty every time!”
Shawn and Max

“I can honestly say that your advice has been priceless and your commitment to helping pet-owners like me and Adrienne is undying. It’s thanks to you that we’ve been able to raise Olive to be such a polite and obedient member of our family. I would truly enjoy it if we could continue to refer to you as our ‘go-to pet trainer’ whenever we have questions as to raising our beloved dog. “Thanks a million, Aleksa!”
Yosef and Adrienne Camhi

“Aleksa did a fantastic job training our dog Max and we couldn’t have been happier with the results of potty camp. She truly and animal lover and within minutes of meeting her you know your dog will be loved and cared for like one of her own.”
Jen Wegener and Max

“The love and care Aleksa took with our new puppy doc proved to be quite beneficial in getting all our family members on the same plate with training. The schedule Aleksa gave us for Doc was most important in his development and in ridding him of his puppy crazies. We are comfortable and confident with Aleksa and her abilities to train any dog.”
Eileen Yelovich & Doc

“The best part about working with Aleksa is that she doesn’t just work with your dog, she works with you as well. After potty camp and multiple boardings, we only trust Aleksa to watch our beagle, Lucy, and every time we leave learning something new. She has taught us how to communicate and work with Lucy, as well as taught Lucy rewarded behaviors. She sees our dog as part of her pack and through the trainings, conversations, and follow-up phone calls, we know Aleksa truly cares.”
Molli Megasko and Lucy

“Lucy and her family think Aleksa is absolutely wonderful! Lucy enjoys visiting Aleksa, Sophie, Oscar and Ranger. She jumps out of the car and immediately feels at home and comes back to her own home happy, better behaved and well adjusted. And for Lucy’s mom and dad, Aleksa has been a great resource. “We absolutely love working with her!”
Aarti Karamchandani and Lucy

“I want to thank you for all that you did with Angel. She is a new dog now that you have trained her and we can finally enjoy her in our home. With your help we have been able to have her potty trained as an adult, get her to stop barking, and now she actually comes when I call her. It is wonderful. You are a fabulous trainer! I would recommend you highly to anyone.”
Sandy Raines and Angel

“We have had such a wonderful experience with Aleksa. She trained Ruby as a puppy soon after we got her and she came home potty trained and crate trained! Every time we go out of town, we send Ruby over to Aleksa’s and Ruby is SO excited to go. She has made so many puppy friends there and always comes home happy but exhausted – it’s like the best puppy camp ever. The best part is that we never worry about Ruby while we are away. We know she is being taken care of and loved just as much as if she were with us. Aleksa’s daughter even made Ruby a Christmas card last year.”
Usha Schmidt and Ruby